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                                                   Christopher J. Clark is a lifetime resident of Harvey, Illinois.  His love for the city                                                                     provided the background for his desire to become an advocate on behalf of its citizens. 


                                                   Clark is a former machine and forklift operator at a local steel fabricating plant.                                                                     During his employment, he served as a shop steward and grievance committeeman                                                             for the local union.  His work resulted in numerous operational changes and                                                                           preservation of jobs at one of the local area largest employers.


                                                   In 2006, Clark received a Presidential Scholarship to the University of St. Thomas                                                                 School of Law.  His mission was clear: earn a law degree; return to Harvey and make a                                                         difference.  In 2007, he founded the Law Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.) and Minority                  Opportunity and Excellence in Law (M.O.D.E.L.) organizations.  These organizations promoted equality in legal representation and education. Clark received the University of St. Thomas Mission Award for Excellence in Scholarly Engagement and Societal Reform.  


Additionally, Clark was a recipient at the 28th Annual Living Black History Awards Ceremony for his personal contributions to the Harvey community; selfless helping of others; and leadership through service. The Living Black History Award is given in recognition of outstanding personal contributions to the Illinois communities of Harvey,                Phoenix and Dixmoor.


As a community advocate, Clark ran and won the alderman seat for Harvey's third ward.  His mission was to provide transparency, oversight and accountability to Harvey residents.  Additionally, he was concerned about the Harvey's lack of basic city services, water and financial instability.    


Alderman Christopher J. Clark is a zealous advocate.  He believes that everyone deserves to have safe streets, quality schools, and financial opportunity.  He is professional and experienced businessman who is able to work with other civic and business leaders to make things happen.  It is his lifetime ambition to see Harvey become a leader in all aspects of community, providing the quality life that all Harvey citizens deserve.


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