1. No purchase necessary.

  2. Player must be 18 years  of age or older and a Harvey, Illinois resident.

  3. Player must register to play The Game at www.aldermanclark.com/register-to-play-the-game.

  4. Each game lasts seven (7) days.

  5. The game will have two (2) Clue(s).

  6. Each Clue will be posted on SnapChat Stories every day for the seven days during the game.

  7. Player will have to solve the Clue(s).

  8. Each clue is a place somewhere in Harvey, Illinois.

  9. After solving the Clue, Player must take a selfie in front of the Answer for each Clue.

  10. Each selfie must easily identify the Answer.  Contestant is advised to take a wide shot.

  11. Player must submit the selfie to Snapchat username "aldermanclark".  All submissions must be received on or before 11:59 p.m. on the seventh day of the game.

  12. All selfies that correctly answer both clues, will be entered into the Giveaway.

  13. Once the game has ended, the Winner will be chosen from those entered into the Giveaway.

  14. The correct answer will be announced along with the Winner.

  15. Once the Winner is announced, a new Game will begin.




© 2017 3rd Ward Alderman Christopher J. Clark